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Adaptation Ledger is advancing climate Adaptation solutions and Mobilizing Finance through the integration of emerging technologies, smart standards and a unified metric for vulnerability reduction


Adaptation Ledger's™ Core Enterprise was created to address a significant void.  Currently, there is no integrated, coordinated, and highly responsive platform with a design that creates clear incentives for developing standards (defined broadly) for climate adaptation to organize the essential tools (technologies, practice, metrics, exchange mechanisms and finance, in other words, “climate services”) required to support effective global action on climate adaptation.  


We believe that the standard view of climate services must evolve beyond improved climate projections, vulnerability assessments and adaptation designs and planning. The most critical climate service challenges lie in creating a dynamic but integrated system for investment and transactions that brings in the whole set of players from public, private, and third sectors.  Such integrated climate services will facilitate the engagement of institutions and communities as active participants in a dynamic, hard-nosed set of investments that serve the interests of communities better, realizing where necessary the shorter term priorities for longer term challenges.  


In short, Adaptation Ledger's Core Enterprise seeks to synergize standards, blockchain and a unified metric in an integrated platform for the applied creation of a suite of tools and testbeds to better align adaptation solutions and mobilize adaptation finance.  Our breakthrough is to better align adaptation solutions and usher in a new era of coordinated adaptation action.

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