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Adaptation Strategists

​​​​We are adaptation strategists. We provide sophisticated adaptation knowledge for accelerated climate action.  


Emerging from the chaos and disruption of the COVID crisis, organizations will be looking for adaptation solutions to chart a path towards resilience. The senior professionals of Adaptation Ledger’s Strategic Research & Advisory team have had the practical, high-level government, academic and industry-leading experience to guide clients through a changed post-COVID world. 


We can educate and enlighten your organization’s leadership and team; add complementary perspectives and insights to your strategic planning; help advance or reframe your ongoing adaptation and resilience-oriented projects; and assist in designing and implementing new initiatives for vulnerability reduction and solutions for complex adaptation challenges.

Integrated Package
Strategic Research & Advisory is an integrated package of skills and tech to inform adaptation initiatives. We seek to connect with senior leaders who have program mandates and that require guidance prior to shaping and implementing critical programs and projects related to climate adaptation and resilience. 
  • We work with organisations  and initiatives that understand the significance of adaptation that need our deep knowledge and innovative insights to create their own strategic plan. 
  • Effective solutions that engender the changes needed to address emergent risks from climate and other threats must be technically feasible, economically viable and politically acceptable. Getting to the solutions that meet these tests begins with asking the right questions for your context and objectives.
  • We help you develop solutions that make sense for your internal and external stakeholders.
  • We work with you and your teams to create solutions de novo and that build upon and complement your current initiatives. We help you facilitate changes that reduce the risks most applicable to your circumstances and the expectations of your stakeholders.
  • We help you create value in the present and for a future that is ever in flux.
Path Forward

Every organization has embedded knowledge and experience, intellectual capacity & property, culture, reputation, customers, stakeholders, and relationships. These anchoring assets are dedicated to achieving success. We can help you reduce risks to avoid stranding those valuable assets.

Coinciding crises have pushed systems and societies to tipping points. Change is imperative.

We understand those needed changes must be handled with alacrity and care.

We can help manage change messaging and education to reduce stakeholder angst and investor uncertainty. 

Adaptation Ledger’s Strategic Research & Advisory capability can help your leadership teams maintain and secure their positions by offering an expert strategic compass for the path forward.

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Complimentary Initial Consultation

Get in touch for a complimentary initial consultation. 


All of our workshops are available in both bespoke private versions and scheduled public sessions.

Private workshops will be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and on your preferred schedule.

All workshops are scalable — from 1/2 day and full day formats to multi-week short courses.

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