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Core Enterprise

 core enterprise

Adaptation Ledger's Core Enterprise comprises a broad platform and ecosystem and a suite of application solutions. 

Our pioneering approach meshes emerging technologies like blockchain, IoT and AI with deep expertise in adaptation plus innovations in vulnerability reduction metrics, policy and governance instruments and smart standards. 

Adapt IT

adapt it

platform & ecosystem


Synergize standards in the global commons

A unified metric in an integrated platform for the applied creation of a suite of tools and testbeds to better align adaptation solutions and mobilize adaptation finance.

Improve adaptation solutions

Improve climate adaptation solutions and enhance resilience in certain contexts.

Harness complexity

Blockchain facilitates the use of big data, complex transactions (smart contracts), deals with complexity of adaptation

Employ IoT and VRCs

Implementing the use of sensors and real time data and making a unified metric for

adaptation possible

Smart standards, innovative governance/policy - replaces "trusted intermediaries" in developing countries, mobilized finance


well adapted coffee supply (wacs]

An Adapt IT(TM) WACS dashboard will offer coffee supply chain stakeholders a view of their adaptation actions and how those affect their place in the supply chain. 

WACS diagram slide Screen Shot 2020-06-2

Adaptation Ledger is accepting inquiries for WACS pilot project partners. 


coastal impacts app

Coastal app slide Screen Shot 2020-06-25

Adaptation Ledger is accepting inquiries for Coastal Impacts pilot project partners. 

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