Mr. Schultz’ career has focused on climate change.  He has worked in developed and developing countries worldwide, for local, regional, and national governments and in the private sector.  Since 2003 he has been a consultant advising on technologies, markets, and partnerships to develop emission reduction and climate adaptation projects and on creating and managing project-based carbon credits.  He is an expert in greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation and his current work focuses on climate adaptation economics and finance, climate change and cities, vulnerability reduction monitoring, evaluation, and crediting. 

Mr. Schultz is creator of the climate vulnerability reduction credit (VRC™) mechanism for evaluating and sustainably funding climate change adaptation, and serves as the Executive Chairman of The Higher Ground Foundation, the organization that develops and manages the VRC Standard, tools and programs.

Ira Feldman is a US-based sustainability leader positioned at the leading edge of the convergence of sustainability, climate adaptation and ecosystem services.  As a practitioner, policymaker, standards developer and academic, Ira has utilized an interdisciplinary skill set to lead a diverse range of environmental and climate initiatives.  In the legal arena, Ira previously served as special counsel at US EPA headquarters and as chair of the ABA’s climate and sustainability committee.  


His work has explored the role of ESG (environment-social-governance) factors in the financial sector; the implications of "soft law" or "private law" – especially international voluntary standards -- for business and government; the use of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to advance sustainable development and resilience.  With Adaptation Ledger, he also brings expertise on blockchain governance to the team focusing on the potential for “blockchain” technology to advance climate adaptation solutions and mobilize finance. 

Tom has over 20 years experience and has worked with hundreds of organizations in the climate, cleantech, sustainability and digital space. In 2019 Tom was recognized as as a Top 100 Fintech for SDG Influencer.

Tom has co-founded several startups since 2007: ClimateCHECK, the GHG Management Institute (online training and capacity building with over 7000 members in over 160 countries), Collaborase (online collaboration software for Standards 2.0 and Nextgen governance), Xpansiv (Blockchain-enabled platform), and the Climate Chain Coalition. Tom is the International Chair of the ISO Climate Change Standards Committee (2014-2019), he's on the Faculty of the Blockchain Research Institute and Fellow of the Global Solution Networks.

Tom has 20 years' experience working with 100s of organizations in climate, cleantech, and sustainability. Tom’s focus is to innovate new technology-based solutions for more robust collaborative governance systems, knowledge management, capacity building and market operations to enable strategic solutions to sustainability issues.

Dr. Granquist’s research focuses on the environmental, legal, regulatory, and economic impacts of coastal shoreline change and coastal resilience strategies, the legal and policy frameworks that could facilitate local and regional resilience adaptation implementation, and the interaction of stakeholders in the adaptation decision-making context. She has advanced climate adaptation partnerships in academia and practice. 

​Dr. Granquist has worked extensively with international teams in disruptive adaptation technology and emerging markets business development and nonprofit management.

Linus Adler is strategic climate change/adaptation and clean energy consultant with over a decade of experience in helping clients develop a strategic understanding of the implications of energy and climate policy, with a particular concentration on work national energy and climate policy. 

As a co-founder of the Higher Ground Foundation, he contributed to the initial drafting of the VRC Standard Framework and has provided technical analysis and modeling of the impacts of climate change develop methods for quantifying project baselines, climate impacts, and project outcomes. For Adaptation Ledger, he is currently supporting the translation of Higher Ground adaptation project software into code for a coastal defense app. 

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Apart from Adaptation Ledger's core services, Adaptation Ledger, through its principals and extended team of subject area thought leaders, provides research insights and advice to corporations, investors, banking institutions, multilateral organizations, NGOs, and all levels of government  in the following areas for climate adaptation:


  • Blockchain Innovations: Distributed Ledger Alternative Functions and Platforms, Tokenization and Smart Contracts

  • Integrations of Blockchain: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Platforms, Big Data Analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Governance Innovations: Blockchain Policy - Governance – Regulation - Law

  • Adaptation Standards and Metrics: Vulnerability Reduction Credits (VRCs), Smart Standards, Adaptation Indicators, Monitoring and Evaluation 

  • Strategic Insights:  Strategy Development, Scenario Planning, and Futures Literacy 


Adaptation Ledger is uniquely qualified not only in each of these usually distinct areas, but also in the interaction already occurring across these topics.  It is the synergy occurring across these topics that is the key to understanding Nextgen Adaptation.  


Adaptation Ledger was created to lead development of Nextgen applications and pilot projects that effectively mobilize investment, standards, and best practice for climate adaptation.  


The principals of Adaptation Ledger have each led relevant initiatives at the national and international levels, including through The Higher Ground Initiative’s Vulnerability Reduction Credit™, Collaborase™, Climate Chain Coalition, and have each made significant contributions to the emerging digital and governance innovations within the climate change and sustainability landscape. 

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